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Brevard County's only Plasti Dip® service for yours car's protection.
Check out this incredible product now at XSTREAM Car Wash. We are the only ones in Brevard County to offer this product. Plasti Dip®, is an air-dry, specialty rubber coating, in fact, itís the original peelable, flexible, insulating, non-slip, durable rubber coating. Plasti Dip® is great for preventative paint damage due to love bugs, we use a clear formula for this service.

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We offer a 15% discount for active and non-active military and teachers with ID.




Kid Day!

Free small ice cream with a purchase of a regular or large size ice cream.


Senior Day!

15% off all car wash services for customers 65+


First Responders Day

15% off any car wash service for police, fire fighters, paramedics & nurses & doctors.


Ladies Day!

$3 off any top 3 washes (Shortboard, Longboard or Big Kahuna packages)

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We clean most any vehicle!

XStream Car Wash & Detailing luxury car service.
Luxury Cars

XStream Car Wash & Detailing RV washing service.

XStream Car Wash & Detailing fleet wash service.
Fleet Vehicles

Xstream Full Service Car Wash in Cape Canaveral

Xstream Car Wash in Cape Canaveral is a full service vehicle care service facility. Car wash, interior detailing, minor repairs, Plasti Dip®, applications, wax and protectant applications, headlight restoration and fleet services. Located just off A1A at 7900 North Atlantic Ave. Easy in-and-out from A1A, come see us soon. Don't forget to check out the ice cream shop in the same building...yum.

From full service to self-service, Xstream's quality and car care knowledge sets apart from other beachside of Brevard car care facilities. With over 20 years of vehicle care, cleaning and restoration, Xstream is the trusted cleaner in Cape Canaveral, Merritt Island and Cocoa Beach. We are the primary car wash provider for Port Canaveral.

We can usually quote you a price for custom detailing, washing and other services fairly quickly, so give us a call,  (321) 613-0782.

  • Cape Canaveral Full Service Car Wash & Detailing
  • Enter from A1A - Easy In and Out
  • Multiplie Bays for Full Service
  • Do It Yourself - Self Service Wash
  • We Have Been In the Car Care Business for Over 20 Years
  • Detailing Area - Headlight Restoration - Fleet Services
  • Put Our Team to Work - Put a Smile on Your Vehicle


  • Car detailing starting at $49.95
  • Frequent customer discount cards
  • Discounts for seniors and veterans
  • Protectant coating - We can provide the same coating as the dealerships at less the cost
  • We can handle most any vehicle - cars, trucks, SUVs,  vans, work trucks, RVs, motorcycles and more
  • Get more for your used care - We can "spiff" up your older model car and for a few bucks you could make a lot more
  • We specialize in surface scratches, mars, discoloration and other blemish type imperfect on your car's body. We utilize a Clay Bar method that is great for paint impurities, we can handle "well water" stains and many other cosmetic issues.

Give us a call. (321) 613-0782, put a smile on

your face and your car's too.

Standard Car Wash Packages

Big Kahuna - $26.99
Outside wash, interior vacuum, windows, wipe down with protectant, door jambs and tire shine

Longboard - $17.99
Outside wash, interior vacuum, windows, wipe down and tire shine

Shortboard - $14.99
Outside wash, interior vacuum, windows

Tow-In - $9.99
Outside wash, towel dry

Highlight Cover Restoration

$24.99 per light - 1 year guarantee

Custom Car Wash & Detailing Quote Request Form

If you have a car wash or detailing that requires more than our standard packages, follow the link below to submit a QUOTE REQUEST form. You can upload an image as well. Thank you.

Xstream Car Wash & Detailing Quote


We Clean & Restore Interior Upholstery

Clean and restoration of car interior upholstery.

Clean and restoration of car interior upholstery.

We Clean & Restore Dashboards

Clean and restoration of car dashboards.

Clean and restoration of car dashboards.

We Clean & Restore Engines

Clean and restoration of car engines.

Clean and restoration of car engines.

We clean and restore Carpets and Headlights

Clean and restoration of car carpets.

We clean and restore Tires and Rims

Clean and restoration of car tire and rims.

Clean and restoration of car rims and tires.